Monday, December 29, 2014

BULLY Boy and Natural SPEED RAPs for Kids and Adults


[A variation on, yet in the tune of, the children’s song/camp favorite, “B-I-N-G-O”; can be sung as BULLY Girl]

{In this version, the four (or five lines) of each stanza are sung with the same melody as in the original; specifically, the last two lines of each stanza have the same melody as the first two lines.  The same rules apply to the B-U-L-L-Y chorus as in the B-I-N-G-O chorus.}

In my school there is a kid      
And Bully Boy’s his name, oh
He blames me for what he did
And tries to make me cry, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy’s his name, sigh.

Chasing me after school
Bullying’s his game, oh
Calling me a “little fool”
My oh my oh why, oh?

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy’s his name, sigh.

Why does he pick on me?
The Boy should be ashamed, oh
Is he green with jealousy?
Or just a red bull guy, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy’s his name, sigh.

I must learn to take a stand
And nurture my heart’s flame, oh
Not give in to his demands
And look him in the eye, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy’s his name, sigh

I will find one trustworthy
To talk out all my pain, oh
Then stand tall as an oak tree
Or walk away, nothing to say
But with my head up high, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy’s his name, sigh

Now I see a scared boy like me
Who hides his pain and shame, oh
If he wants to talk to me
I’ll share how I wrestled free
But he must want to try, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
I won’t play his bully game, oh
B-R-A-V-O… B-R-A-V-O… B-R-A-V-O…
I stood up for my own name, OH!

© Mark Gorkin  2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions

Natural SPEED Rap for Kids – Part I
Mom is overload edgy
Dad is big boss upset
Sis is boyfriend angry
And you’re in a sweat!

The in-crowd at school
Shoves you to the side
While they pass by so cool
You wish you could hide…

Panic and terror
Like lightning and thunder
Where is a big rock
For me to crawl under?

But charging down the hall
Like a mad bull in heat
As you feel so small
Resigned to defeat…

The schoolyard bully
Laughing at your fear
Taking your lunch money
Leaving you in despair!

Panic and terror
Like thunder and lightning
Why do I find
So many things frightening?

And why, oh why
Isn’t a teacher around?
To hear your silent cry
Or the bull’s snorting sound!

When life seems hopeless
With nowhere to turn
There’s help for your stress
Sit back…listen and learn.

Panic and terror
Like lightning and thunder
Is it much sound and fury?
I’m starting to wonder.

Let Me Be Brief:  Key Pillars of Relief

First, be wary of “friends”
Who act like big shot stars
They use you for their ends
And ignore who you are.

But the biggest mistake
Is to bottle up fear
From this you will break, so…
Find a trustworthy ear.

She’s older and wiser
Shows you how to hold them
He’s artful in poker
So knows when to fold em.

Reframe panic and terror
As more trial and error
Embrace flaw and failure
Expand human nature!

Now speak calmly, move swiftly
The Poet-Ninja Way:
Eye the bully coolly
Like a fox, no delay.

Breathe out anxiety
Smartly walk away.
Reflect in a diary…and live
To right (and write) another day!

Reframe panic and terror
As more error and trial
Grow from flaw and failure
You’ve walked the toughest mile!

Actions and Reactions:  Logical and Psychological

To disarm this cruelty
Find a strong allied voice.
Talk with the Bull family
But, if left no other choice…

March with authority
To the principal’s office.
Rid your back of the monkey
You are through playing nice!

You are not a snitch
Nor squealer or tattler
Less disloyal witch
More real gutsy battler!

Rename terror and panic
Rethink flaw and failure
You’re just a bit “manic.”
Don’t let labels nail ya!

We all have fantasies:
“Go ahead…make my day!”
Alas, the “real” enemies
Are oft hidden away…

Inside one’s caged mind
To be gently torn apart
As you explore humankind
Through the beat of a heart!

To view panic and terror
As neither error nor trial
Receive flaw and failure
With a sly Buddha smile!

Natural SPEED:  Stress Resiliency

When the crisis is past
And you no longer bleed
For strength that will last
Try the Doc’s Natural SPEED!

© Mark Gorkin  2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions


Natural SPEED:  Stress Resiliency Shrink Rap
Safe Stress Survival Strategies

Are you the “poster child” for stress and duress?
Should you try Prozac?  Is it time to confess
To Ebay shopping – which may be a warning
When you're clicking madly at three in the morning?

But relax, have no fear...
The Stress Doc is here. So lay worries to rest…
Now listen and learn to Practice Safe Stress!

As you sprint to the wire with blood pressure higher
Timeless mind-body tips to heed
For slowing down, getting feet on the ground
And building Natural SPEED – Sleep-Priority-Passion-Empathy-Exercise-Diet.

Now don't be cheap with your need for “Sleep.”
Maximum learning must be REM deep
To be a beauty with mental acuity
Not that snooze-button bashing BLEEP!

For when it comes to daily slumber
All night gaming is dumb and dumber.
You may call me a grouchy old toad:
“Pull the d_ _n plug on ‘just one more’ download.”

Chorus:  Ready to confess – join the flock
               Who you gonna get – the Stress Doc!

"P" stands for "Priority"
You can't do it all every day.
Urgent means now but important can wait.
Do you know how to "N & N"? –
Just say "No and Negotiate!"

Now I hope you’ll pardon my asking:
“Must you always be multi-tasking?”
Oh, it’s just me, honey, your Energizer Bunny.
Running from quiet, your life is a riot.
Hmm…what is that “ADD” masking?

Chorus:  Is your life a mess? – you need a rock
               Who you gonna get – the Stress Doc!

Another “P”-word is “Passion”
And we’re not talking sex, shoes, or fashion.
Don’t try to impress, better…
Learn to play chess
Or dig, dream, and dance in your garden.

"E" is for the "Empathy"
Found in a caring shoulder.
But all give without take is a big mistake
For now you shoulder a boulder.

Find a stress buddy who knows TLC
Someone honest and self-aware –
One who gives “Tender Loving Criticism”
Yet also takes “Tough Loving Care!”

Chorus:  Doing more with less – better take stock
               Who you gonna get – the Stress Doc!

The second "E" is for "Exercise"
Start pumping iron or those thighs.
You may not need SSRIs.
Try thirty minutes of non-stop spin
For your mood uplifting endorphin.

Being fit physically
Goes beyond stress resiliency.
Try this new math for a more vital path:
Pumped up brain agility
Times emotive tranquility
Now equals mind-body integrity!

And, finally, "D" is for a healthy "Diet"
Alas, many would rather die than try it.
To manage foods so often craved
Grieve, "let go," and then be brave
Sending diet fads to an early grave.

So eat those fruits and veggies
Try omega fish and bean protein.
Too much fats, salt, and sugar
Overdosing alcohol and caffeine
Is a rollercoaster formula

For a brain-fogged and artery-clogged machine.

Chorus:  When it comes to stress – you’re on the clock
                Who you gonna get – the Stress Doc!

It's time to end this Shrink Rap
With final tips for you –
"A firm 'No' a day keeps the ulcers away, and the hostilities too."
So to lessen daily woes, "Do know your limits; don't limit your 'No's!

Ponder this Stress Doc wit and wisdom
Try to live it day after day:
Burnout is not a sign of failure
You simply gave yourself away.

Remember, sometimes less is more
And more is really less.
Balance work and play, faith and love
And, of course...Practice Safe Stress!

Chorus:  When it comes to stress – it’s a lock
                Who you gonna get – the Stress Doc!
               When it comes to stress – it’s a lock
                Who you gonna get – the Stress Doc!

© Mark Gorkin 2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions

Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Offerings: Children's Lyrics and Communication Workshop

One Hanukkah-Christmas-Kwanzaa Holiday children’s lyrical offering and one New Year workshop program offering.  The first was inspired by a “you light up my life” three-year old.  The latter was inspired by a soon to be rolling out, new speaking and Webinar Company called “Orate.”  Here’s my stable page:

While the Communication Skills-Strategies program was tailored for Sales and Marketing folks, the core content can be adapted for and will benefit both individuals and groups of professionals, teams, divisions, etc.
Warm wishes for peace, health, and joy for the season and good adventures in the 2015!

Children’s and Parents’ Lyrics/Story

Here's my latest brainstorm:  I am wildly crazy over my girlfriend's 3 yo granddaughter.  Charlotte loves to play hide and seek with me, so I personalized Frere Jacques for her.  She loved it, even recalling some of the verses a week later.  Obviously, any name can be plugged in.  When I sang it to my neighbor's son who has a 4yo dtr, he had a big grin on his face; not particularly effusive, he thought I "had a winner."  I can imagine an adult singing this out loud while “searching” for the child.  I also think these songs might come with illustrations – an audio-poetry-song-book.  [Not sure the age range: 2 or 3 to…?]  The last piece actually is a satire for harried parents.  Anyway, would love your ideas, especially if you know someone in the publishing-audio book-interactive media fields.

Where Is Charlotte? [or Insert child’s name]
[To the tune of Frere Jacques]

Where is Charlotte? Where is Charlotte?
I'll find you; I'll find you.
Is she hiding in the closet?
Is she beneath the blanket?
No she's not!  No she's not!   {Said in an exaggerated/exasperated, aggressively playful manner}

Where is Charlotte? Where is Charlotte?
I'll find you; I'll find you.
Is she hiding in the corner?
Has she turned into a flower?
No she's not!  No she's not!

Where is Charlotte? Where is Charlotte?
I'll find you; I'll find you.
Is she in the cave of pillows?
Peek-a-booing in the willows?
No she's not!  No she's not!

Where is Charlotte? Where is Charlotte?
I'll find you; I'll find you.
Is she tucked into a drawer?
Neath the rug on the floor?
No she's not!  No she's not!

Where is Charlotte?…Here is Charlotte!
Here I AM and Shouting BOO!
Even though you’re bigger
I’ll roar like a tiger
Then give a wolf-like howl
Perhaps a bear-like growl
And jump on you…And jump on you
Then bear hug too…Cause I love you!   {Last line sung by both child and adult}

© Mark Gorkin  2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions


Charlotte, Charlotte, Near or Far:  [or Insert child’s name]
The Wonder of Unconditional Love
[To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star]

Charlotte, Charlotte, near or far
In my heart, you are you are.
So full of life and on the go
Unless watching a video…
Charlotte, Charlotte, near or far
To catch your spirit in a jar!

When upset and shouting, “NO!”
Or crying cause you stubbed your toe…
Charlotte, Charlotte, near or far
I truly wonder who you are.

Even having a bad day
Telling me to, “Go away”…
Charlotte, Charlotte near or far
You’ll always be my shining star!

© Mark Gorkin  2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions


Charlotte Is the Bumper Jumper [or Insert child’s name]

Charlotte is the Bumper Jumper
When she jumps you cannot stop her.
Do not think this too improper
Charlotte’s just a bunny hopper.

A Bumper Jumper, a Bumper Jumper
Charlotte is the Bumper Jumper
A Bumper Jumper, a Bumper Jumper
I sure want to jump just like her!

Charlotte is the Funner Runner
Glows in winter, beams in summer.
When she runs she counts her numbers
On little fingers and her thumber.

A Funner Runner, a Funner Runner
Charlotte is the Funner Runner
A Funner Runner, a Funner Runner
I sure want to run just like her!

Charlotte is the Hide and Seeker
She’s not just a Boo and Peeker
When she hides you cannot find her
Till she jumps out…like a tiger!

A Hide and Seeker, a Hide and Seeker
Charlotte is the Hide and Seeker
A Hide and Seeker, a Hide and Seeker
I sure want to hide just like her!

[Perhaps a lyric for a somewhat older child]

Charlotte is the Tag You’re Itter 
She’s as clever as a critter
Faster than the nanny-sitter
And she’ll never be a quitter.

A Tag You’re Itter, a Tag You’re Itter
Charlotte is the Tag You’re Itter
A Tag You’re Itter, a Tag You’re Itter
I would like to play tag with her.

© Mark Gorkin  2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions


[And speaking of never being a quitter…a satirical piece for Energizer Bunny kids and harried parents.  A friend calls this a Calvin and Hobbes Prequel, that is, the voice is of a child who believes, naturally, s/he is the CENTER of the universe.]

Again…Again:  Oh Just Count from One to Ten

Let’s do it once again.
One more turn on the slide
And another horsey ride…
Why would you want to hide?
Who would want to stop at one
We are having so much fun.

Let’s do it once again.
Oh pick me up so high
Like a bird up in the sky…
Was that a groan and a sigh?
Why should we stop at two
There is still so much to do.

Let’s do it once again.
Pull me round and round and round
As my feet fly off the ground…
Are you dizzy spinning around?
Why should we stop at three
Do not worry about me.

Let’s do it once again.
Now let me throw the ball, then
Run and get it down the hall…
Are you bouncing off the wall?
Why should we stop at four
When there is so much more.

Let’s do it once again.
Let’s now see who is stronger
Who can “doggie down” in kiddie yoga…
Can’t you last a little longer?
Why should we stop at five
Hey…try to look more alive?

Let’s do it once again.
One more time, stand on your head
Why are you turning red?...
Was it something that I said?
Why should we stop at six
I’m just now getting my kicks?

Let’s do it once again.
Can we go to the mall
For another “Frozen” doll?...
Your eyes…why do they roll?
Why should we stop at seven
Just give me one good reason.

Let’s do it once again.
Today I’m feeling very lucky
Let’s both have another cookie…
Hmm…you are looking kinda yucky.
Why should we stop at eight
Oh dinner just can wait.

Let’s do it once again.
Now let’s read Peter Rabbit
Two straight weeks…is that a habit?...
No worry…I remember where you hid it.
Why should we stop at nine
You really need a glass of wine?

We’re finally up to ten!
Just cause you are feeling droopy
Why should I go make a poopy?
Isn’t that a little pushy?
Don’t be such a pain in my tushie!...
Why should we stop at ten
Let us go from now till then
As we count from one to ten
And, of course, do it all…Again…Again!

© Mark Gorkin  2014
Shrink Rap ™ Productions


Compelling and Engaging Communication Skills-Strategies for Sales and Marketing Pros

Sales and marketing are the vital fuel of any enterprise, whether a corporation or institution, government agency or non-profit.  The dependability and results-oriented sustainability of this resource is determined by quality connections with customers, clients, and colleagues.  And in a TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven-Distracted World, three pillars are critical for “high impact” communication and connection:

1) Are you courageously developing and passionately applying your unique energy and experience, strengths and skills?

2) Are you truly “being heard or are you just making noise?”

3) Are you developing collaborative, mutually productive relationships with prospective customers and clients?

And the key to producing winning relations is a communication skillset and strategic toolset that:
a. encourages open, two-way engagement, especially inviting and responsibly handling customer-client feedback along with transforming conflict into “win-win” (and even some “lose-lose”) consensus-building,

b. builds respect and trust,

c. appreciates that every significant transaction involves “loss and change,” (or risk and opportunity) and d. evolves interdependent and innovative sales and marketing partnerships.

Sounds daunting, but have no fear…Mark Gorkin, the Stress Doc ™, is here to share his formula for “courageous-compelling-engaging” success.  An acclaimed speaker, stress resilience and team building consultant, author and inspiring storyteller, as well as licensed psychotherapist, “Psychohumorist” ™ and Shrink Rapper ™, the Doc weaves his “Get FIT” – FUN-Interactive-Thought-provoking – multifaceted tapestry of “head and heart” tools and techniques.  Through dynamic presentation and real world small group exercises, the Stress Doc will help expand the self- and other-awareness of your sales/marketing team.  Each person will become a more compelling and engaging force of (human) nature.  With applied concepts such as the Doc’s version of “The New KISS:  Keep It Short and Smart” and his model-method of “Communicating Passion Power,” there’s no doubt participants will discover their own personal-professional path for more engaging presence and compelling communication.  But most vital, your sales and marketing team will be building a relationship foundation that encourages long-term partnerships and closes sales.

Seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor:  May the Farce Be with You!

Program Objectives and Outline

A.  The Engaging and Energetic Self:  A Presence for Connection

1. Establishing an Authentic and Attention-Riveting Presence:  From “The New KISS” to “The 5 ‘A’s of Arousing Communication and Animated Leadership

2. When Do You Have Your Best Energy?:  Generating, Sharing, and Exchanging Energy Exercise

3. Differentiating the Key Personality Variables:  Introversion and Extraversion

B.  Why the Dynamics of “Loss and Change” are Vital to Human/Business Transaction

1. The Dangers and Opportunities of Loss and Change

2. Grasping the Eight “F”s of Loss and Change

3. Identifying Real Life Examples of “Loss & Change”:  Expanding and Applying Our Concept

C.  Facilitating Give and Take Communication

1. The 4 "R"s of PRO Relating:  Being Respectful-Real-Responsible-Responsive (these terms are defined in a mind-opening way); Discover Your Own “Hot Buttons” and Have Empathy for the Client’s

2. Defusing Power Struggles and Breaking Down Status Barriers:  The Trust-Building Power of Active Listening and Asking “Good Questions”; Using CPRS Keys to Active Listening and Questioning

3. Grasping a Collaborative & Consensus-Building Model of Problem-Solving and Partnership-Building

D.  On Becoming a More Compelling and Engaging Communicator

1. Four “P”s of Passion Power:  Model and Method for Compelling Presence & Engaging Communication

2. Confronting Your Intimate FOE:  Turning Fear of Exposure into the Fun of Embarrassment Exercise

3. Grasp the Psychosocial Power of Humor and Discover the Art of Employing Higher Power-Healing (Not Hostile) Humor

Don’t Miss Your Appointment with the Stress Doc!

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is a national keynote and webinar speaker and "Motivational Humorist & Team Communication Catalyst" known for his interactive, inspiring and FUN programs for both government agencies and major corporations.  The Doc is a training and Stress Resilience Consultant for The Hays Companies, an international corporate insurance and wellness broker.  He has also led “Resilience, Team Building and Humor” programs for various branches of the Armed Services.  Mark, a former Stress and Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service, is the author of Resiliency Rap, Practice Safe Stress, and of The Four Faces of Anger.  See his award-winning, USA Today Online "HotSite" – called a "workplace resource" by National Public Radio (NPR).  For more info on the Doc's "Practice Safe Stress" programs or to receive his free e-newsletter, email or call 301-875-2567.