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The Spider and the Butterfly: The Dueling Dance of Codependency – Part III; (also Parts I & II)

A child-like family of origin poetic allegory captures meaningful complex family dynamics through the story of "The Spider and the Butterfly."  According to Merriam-Webster, "allegory" is the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.  The work below is a deep examination of early family of origin dynamics captured in a children’s story-like format.  More specifically, the poem illustrates one variation on the universal triangle themes of codependence, separation, loss, fear, and the struggle for individuation, for developing your own authentic voice.  Mr. and Mrs. Spider and a little butterfly are the principal players.  With its interplay of adult themes and children-of-all-ages format, I believe the evolving piece is both fairly compelling and insightful.  As always, would love your feedback.  Enjoy the epic journey.  MG

Part I of “The Spider and the Butterfly” outlines the meeting of our opening two protagonists – Mrs. Spider, head of her domain, and a little boy butterfly attracted to her silky web.  Initially wary, lil b quickly succumbs to the Queen’s arms and charms…but at what price?

Part II of this epic poem, captures the wounded Mr. Spider’s story.  More than ever, not only does he feel like the subordinate partner, but now he’s being replaced.  So, Mr. S begins to plot his “role model/rite of passage” revenge.  But what is reality, what fantasy?

Part III captures the “family” showdown caught up in the classic triangle conflict:  the Queen and Mr. Spider and the little boy butterfly.  Who has the power?  Who will be passive?  Who will prevail?  Who will part ways?  Who will plot revenge?

Part I & II links:


The Spider and the Butterfly:  Not Necessarily Just a Children’s Story:  The Fateful Encounter – Part I

The spider spins a silky web
Of soft and shiny aura.
How will a little butterfly
Know the coming drama?

Lady S so wants a child
But she herself is dry
And a wounded Mr. Spider
Turns his back and cries.

Sunlight sparkles on the weave
Catching the ‘lil butter’s eye.
He soon alights upon the web
Her tapestry does hypnotize.

The ‘lil one fills a big hole
In her broken heart.
The spin-stress knows not why she craves…
But he must play a part.

Is he embraced or entrapped
In the lady’s many arms?
Instinct tells ’lil b to flee
Despite her luring charms.

But Lady Spider starts to sing
Her haunting Siren ** song.
How is one so young to know
Just what is right from wrong?

The moon has journeyed many times
Giving in becomes veiled lie.
‘lil b now wonders who he is…
“Oh no.  I’ve forgotten how to fly!”

**  In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.  (Wikipedia)

The Spider and the Butterfly:  Not Necessarily a Children's Story Mr. Spider’s Story – 
Part II

So where is Mr. Spider’s thread
In our enmeshed story?
For in this tale of web and woe
Lady S spins all the glory.

Mr. S, alas, cannot weave…
His scarlet mark of shame
Adding insult to injury:
The Queen’s needles are a pain.

To numb a spider’s injured pride
He gorges on the blood
Of his wife’s hard-earned bounty
Drinking far more than he should.

Mr. S silently seethes
Black clouds smoke his red-hot brain:
How can he seize ‘lil b
From the Queen’s web domain?

While ‘lil b so quietly
Morphs…now the “too good” child:
Wings aflutter cool spider fears, but
White noise “call of the wild!”

Then one day, Mr, Spider
Announces to his mate
That he and the butter boy
Have planned a hunting date.

‘lil b unexpectedly
Eyes Mr. S. with newfound hope
But quickly turns to reality…
Will she let us cut the rope?

© Mark Gorkin  2017
Shrink Rap ™ Productions

lil b may not know where he is going
but I believe he will know how to get there.
Just between you and me...
I'd stay tuned for Part III. 

The Spider and the Butterfly:  Not Necessarily Just a Children’s Story:  The Dueling Dance of Codependency – Part III

Lady S and lil b
Still attached at the lip
Of the web hangs Mr. S, alone
By a thread getting a grip.

Grabbing a loose strand
He Ninjas towards the pair
To cut this Oedipal ** knot, but
Jerks to a stop mid-air.

A flash of panic in her orbs:
Then a Queen Cold Medusa ** stare.
Why this male bonding quest?
Mr. S... time for "truth or dare."

A survival of the fittest test:
Is a safe nest the answer?
Or is her "be safe" just b.s.?
Who folds from high noon terror?

She shoots the little one a look
A laser to his brain…
The winner of this domain duel:
The hypnotic, symbiotic
E-magnetic ball and chain.  **

Still Mr S. turns to the boy
Soul pleading with his eyes.
The little wings but sadly shrug
He knows where his butter lies!

Mr. Spider’s agony
War paint drips down his face
Turns fiery rejection red…
How to live with such disgrace?

For the little butterfly
One question rends his heart:
Why won’t Mr. Spider
Play his manly part?

Simply say to Mrs S.:
“The boy will come with me!”
But he meekly bows to the Queen
Yet scorns the lil b.

Mr. S crawling in pain
Takes one more parting glance:
First heal his own wounds, then
End the spider-butter trance!

** Oedipal – Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex is a Greek play that has captivated audiences and readers alike for centuries. In Freud’s hands the play became an illustration of the supposedly universal “Oedipus complex”— a group of emotions, usually unconscious, involving the desire of a child, especially a male child, to possess sexually the parent of the opposite sex while excluding the parent of the same sex (Psychology Today and The Free Dictionary).

**  Medusa was a monster, one of the Gorgon sisters and daughter of Phorkys and Keto, the children of Gaea (Earth) and Oceanus (Ocean). She had the face of an ugly woman with snakes instead of hair; anyone who looked into her eyes was immediately turned to stone (AOL/Medusa Greek Mythology).

** ball and chain – something that limits one's freedom or ability to do things (Merriam-Webster); someone who won't let you do or go anywhere without him/her (Urban Dictionary).

© Mark Gorkin  2017
Shrink Rap ™ Productions

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